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The Problem: it won’t solve itself!

“climate change, depletion of resources, food waste, plastic oceans, deforestation, poverty, injustice…” — Ok, stop it please, I got it!!!!  … what will we have for dinner by the way?

The world is full of problems and honestly… it can be pretty back-breaking. No wonder that at some point we just stop listening and go for a beer instead. Especially if we are constantly being told that we bear a certain responsibility and therefore should in fact change something.

Anyway, there are things in life we can’t hide from forever. It’s like cleaning the house. The problem (unfortunately) won’t solve itself and the situation also won’t get better the longer we wait. Initially, it seems insurmountable and we have no motivation, no muse and in particular no idea where to start. However, if we just go for it and take the first step, then the ball just starts rolling – and in the end, we see ourselves scrubbing the oven, even though that wasn’t even on the to-do list. Same story for clearing out old stuff, exercising, writing stories, speaking French, going out alone … We just need to start – to dare.

This also applies to the challenges concerning our environment.

Solution: starting with yourself

Many people want to change something. Many would change something… If only they knew how and where to start. Or let’s take one step back: if only they had the knowledge as to why it’s actually worth it.

We want to proof to you: Everyone can change something and it’s totally worth it! Small changes can be great, not only for the environment but also for us personally.

The changeΔfactory: taking a first step together

In our changeΔfactory we will take a first step with you to discover sustainable life. We will

  • clarify all these blurry how, where and why questions.
  • put ourselves into a global context.
  • also discuss these “Yes, but…” or “It doesn’t pay, because…” arguments.
  • discover personal advantages
  • generate individual solution statements and discover alternatives together, so that you can shape your daily life more (environmentally) sustainable.

What we don’t offer, is the ultimate step-by-step manual with boxes to tick – since the path to a more sustainable life is a personal process, different for each and every one of us.

What we do offer is a good deal of

  • inspiration & practical tips
  • broadening horizons (without any need for chemical substances)
  • fun – I mean let’s be honest: if we have to stop having fun, we might as well keep our head buried in the sand
  • & cookies (which can help changing the world!)

We create changeΔfactory events on different topics, e.g.:

  • sustainable:beauty
  • sustainable:houshold
  • sustainable:food
  • aware&palmoil(free)
  • aware&optmistic
  • and we are open for new ideas – so if you have a suggestion don’t hesitate to let us know.

We believe, that starting with ourselves can lead to great changes and supports our personal development as well. Convince yourself and let’s get together to make this life more sustainable.

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